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A11y Coffee ☕️

A11y Friday

Unfamiliar with the "a11y" numeronym? Check out "What is a11y?".

Happy (hopefully chill) Friday! End of the week and you don't want to dig into a new big ticket, but want to make an impact? DO deploy, and make it an accessibility ("a11y") fix.


Maintaining accessibility in your websites and applications takes consistent attention -- just like monitoring performance. It's not a one-and-done.

1. Pick a site

So many options:

  1. A personal site or side project
  2. An open source site you can contribute to
  3. A site you contribute to at your day job

2. Run an audit

Run an accessibility audit.

3. Do something

All sizes are impactful.

  1. Teeny: Fix one issue.
  2. Small: Fix multiple issues!
  3. Medium: Create informative issues or tickets capturing work that needs doing based on your audit findings.
  4. Large: After creating issues for yourself and others, start working through them!

If you make one small change, you've made the internet a better place today.